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Prof. Gregory Cohen

[acoustic bass, ensemble,
Head of Department Bass]

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Guest-professor in wintersemester 16/17:

Prof. Kai Brückner


Kai Brückner was born and grew up in Berlin. He went to school at the former HdK and spent three years in New York studying with John Abercrombie, Charlie Banacos, Wayne Krantz, Mike Stern and others.
Band projects include Yakou Tribe, Kai Brückner’s MicroBazaar, Jerry Granelli’s UFB, Thärichens Tentett, Pepe Berns Network, Jocelyn B. Smith Band, Lisa Bassenge, Tanmoy Bose’s Taal Tantra Experience, Christian Kappe’s Cru Sauvage among many others.
Scores for film and audiobooks. Various CD recordings as band leader and as sideman. International tours with different bands.
International workshops.

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Ulli Bartel


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Guilherme Castro

[ensemble, electric bass]

Guilherme Castro began his career at the end of the seventies in his home town Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he worked as instrumentalist and composer for local theatres. He also performed with the Brazilian singer and composer Eduardo Dusek. Guilherme was also a member of the Banda de Lá, a Latin jazz group, and „Musikerschmiede“, working with such performers as Carlos Malta, Márcio Bahia and Arthur Maia.
In 1982 he came to Germany and founded the group Amazonas with Ronaldo Folegatti and Dudu Tucci. Since then he has performed in many Latin American groups and recording projects.
Jazz musicians with whom Guilherme has worked include Charlie Mariano, Hendrik Meurkens, David Friedman, Till Brönner, Dan Gotschall, Reggie Moore and Ralf Rickert. He also played in bands for e.g. Jocelyn B. Smith, Pete Wyoming Bender and Siggi Davis.
Guilherme has taught at the University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin since 1995.
Guilherme’s current project is the contemporary jazz trio Hot Impressions with Rolf Zielke and Rolo Rodriguez.

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Chris Dahlgren

[ensemble, acoustic bass]
R. Chris Dahlgren (born 1961 NYC, USA) started playing cello and improvising- although he did not know the word- at age 7 and switched to the double bass at 12. He has a BA in Jazz Studies (’86- Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati) and an MA in Composition/ Experimental Music (’03- Wesleyan University). Chris has been touring worldwide and recording with his own and other artist’s projects since 1986. He has received 2 NEA Jazz Composition Fellowships, 2 OAC Artist Fellowships and several other awards for music composition.
In Cincinnati, Chris was the ‘in-house’ bassist at the ‘Blue Wisp’ jazz club, which led him to perform regularly with many great American jazz artists, such as: Red Rodney, Charles Tolliver, Herb Ellis, Fred Hersch, Art Lande, Joe Lovano and Johnny Coles. He moved back to New York in 1993 and was active performing and recording in the ‘downtown’ music scene. Chris currently resides in Berlin, Germany, working on composing and performing in bands and projects, along with touring and recording in the Anthony Braxton Sextet.

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Max Hughes

[electric bass]

Maximilian Hughes was born in Heidelberg Germany and grew up in Germany and the USA.
Since 1993 he has lived in Berlin. First musical lessons were in singing at the age of six followed by clarinet and drums.
At the age of fifteen he singled out the Electric Bass as his main instrument. Studied Classical and Modern Music at the University of California/ San Diego, following with a Bachelor of Arts in Music (1991) from The Berklee College of Music, Boston/ Massachusetts.
Private studies with, among others, Paul Amrod, Whit Browne, composer John Bavicchi, Jimmy Cheatham, Hal Crook, Oscar Stagnaro and music film legend Oscar Sala.
Teaching Experience
Since 1994 Instructor for Electric Bass at the “Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik” in Berlin.
Since 1998 Instructor for Electric Bass and computer music at the "Universität der Künste" (UDK), Berlin.
Author of the bass tutor “Creative Solo Bass – Find your Individual Way“, 1997, AMA Verlag, Brühl bei Köln.
Concert and Studio Experience
Active freelancing and studio work in Europe, Brazil and the U.S.A.
Worked for/with organizations such as; Alcatel, Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin, Inwent, KPMG, Marleaux Guitars,
New York Broadway Ensemble, Telescope Film, etc. and artists such as Yamil Borges, John-Paul Bourelly, Toni Braxton,
Flo Dauner, Wolfgang Dauner, Abdourahmane Diop, Marcelo Elias, Blanche Elliz, Wolfgang Fiedler, Roland Gebhardt,
Tino Gonzales, Derrick James, Hilmar Jensson, Aly Keita, Fuasi-Abdul Khaliq, Chaka Khan, Dorothea Lorraine, Kenny Martin, Aviaja Lumholt, Jocelyn B.Smith, Marisa Turner, Ack van Rooyen.
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Robert Keßler

[Main Subject guitar Musikgymnasium C.Ph.E.Bach]

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Marc Muellbauer

[acoustic bass]
Marc Muellbauer was born in 1968 in London. At the age of 15 he began to teach himself to play bass guitar, but soon had lessons with Stefan Rademacher as well as double bass lessons with Hans-Günther Hilgers.
From 1989 he studied 1989 at the "Folkwang Hochschule Ruhr" and completed the diploma course in 1996 at the HdK Berlin with Michael Wolf. While a student he played in jazz bands, wrote his own pieces and took lessons with jazz bass players, e.g. Dieter Ilg, Mike Richmond, Rufus Reid, Dave Holland, Arild Andersson. In Duisburg he made acquaintance with "New Music", met Maurizio Kagel and Karlheinz Stockhausen in workshops and performed two pieces by Helmut Lachenman – a person and composer who impressed him greatly - with the "Musikfabrik Nordrhein-Westfahlen".
In 1994 he moved to Berlin to complete his classical studies at the HdK, and he soon became a permanent member of the ensemble "United Berlin", with whom he played until 1996. During this time he played many world premieres as well as works by Ligeti, Berg, Webern, Schönberg, I-Sang-Yun and Lachenman.
He continued to take jazz lessons and began seriously to explore the jazz tradition. Since his move to Berlin he has been in demand as a sideman in jazz and other genres. Artists with whom he has worked include Julia Hülsmann, Esther Kaiser, Lynne Arriale, Judy Niemack, Wilson de Oliviera and Tony Lakatos, Karrin Allyson, Yira Yira, Klaus Hofmann, Tim Fisher and Marianne Rosenberg.
In 2002 he completed postgraduate studies in jazz at the UdK in Berlin and took private composition and improvisation lessons with Richie Beirach and Charlie Banacos.
In February 2002 he founded the 9-piece band "Marc Muellbauers Kaleidoscope”, which plays exclusively his own music. The band’s first CD "Quiet", released in September 2004, was received enthusiastically by the press.

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Dragan Radosavievich